High-speed & High-precision Motion Control Technology

    A motion control system with an open structure that can be quickly reorganized in accordance with specific application requirements. Applying an open network-based structure, complex motion planning, high-speed real-time multi-axis interpolation, error compensation and kinematics and dynamics calculations to achieve high-precision, high-speed and smooth motion control.

    High precision & Highly Accelerated Linear Motor

    Private servo controller and linear motor for linear drive;
    Self-adaptive control technology, high frequency response and vibration abatement technology.

    Comprehensive Modeling and Algorithm Capabilities

    Multi-axis simultaneous high-precision algorithm of semiconductor equipment;
    High-precision machining algorithms for complex curved surfaces;
    Winding and welding algorithm;
    Robot motion planning algorithm.

    Semiconductor Process Technology

    The core team has an average of more than 10 years of experience in semiconductor equipment;
    Deep command of the process methods of traditional packaging and advanced packaging;
    Have a deep understanding of IC and storage, photonics packaging, and mobile phone camera assembly;
    Rich experience in the application of motion and vision technology in the semiconductor industry.
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