Semiconductor Packaging
“Persistence is the key to success!”—PrecisioNext has launched self-developed 8 inches/12 inches die bonder. We started with the underlying motion controller, servo drive, DC motor and algorithm, which are applied to our own devices. With the strong fundamental built up, we have solved the pain points of low localization of semiconductor packaging devices and long-term dependence on expensive imported equipments.
PrecisioNext has launched IC die bonder, including DA801, DA1201, SkyBonder and so on. Our equipments’ placement accuracy can hit ±10-25μm@ 3σ, the theta placement accuracy is ±1°@3σ, this performance is competitive as compared with the high-end products in global market. Equipments advantages: flexible dual dispensing system; stable bond force control system; intelligent chip detection and compensation; user friendly interface. It is available for general IC packaging purpose, like QFN, DFN, BGA, LGA, SIP and others. It has dispensing, drawing, dipping, DAF and many other processes to satisfy customer’s enquiries. So far our products have been highly recognized by many well-known packaging and testing enterprises in semiconductor field, like HT-tech, UTAC, CR MICRO, FM Electronics, Forehope, Electronic, etc.

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