DA1201FC Flip Chip and Die Attach

    Product features

  • DA1201FC Flip Chip and Die Attach

    X/Y placement accuracy:

    Flip-chip/high-precision die attach mode: ±10-15μm@3σ;

    Die attach mode: ±10-25μm@3σ;

    Specially designed for flip chip devices with low pin count, DA1201FC provides a fully automatic high-speed flip chip solution for various devices, such as SOIC, SO, QFN, BGA, LGA, etc. At the same time, it is equipped with die attach system;

    High-speed and high precision die bonding capability;

    MS Windows® operating system and flexible connectivity;

    Flip chip and die bonding in one machine - the conversion between the two processes is simple and easy;

    Comprehensive inspection system;

    High density lead frame handling capability.

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