Photonics Packaging
PrecisioNext has developed ultra-high precision die bonder with 1.5μm positioning accuracy, and 3μm placement accuracy, such as DA401, DA401A and DA402. Their performances are competitive as compared with world leading products. Our products creatively use multiple wafers supported, different sizes of AB die attachment, containing automated tool changer which keeps up to 6 tools loaded in the tool turret. There is no need manual calibration with the high accurate and comprehensive PostBond data provided that can reduce the labor cost. Since the ultra-high precision die bonder products launched in semiconductor market, they have been highly recognized by those large companies like LUXSHARE, O-NET, AFA, etc. This provided a local opinion for the high precision high end 40G, 100G and 400G optical communication modules packaging equipments area, which can play an important role in China 5G optical communication industrial development.

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