PrecisioNext completed 100 million yuan in Series B financing and quickly became a hard technology unicorn

Release date:2022-06-24

Recently, a domestic high-end semiconductor equipment company, PrecisioNext announced the completion of a 100 million yuan Series B financing. This financing attracted the participation of many top investment institutions in the advanced manufacturing and semiconductor fields, led by ORIZA HOLDINGS, and co-invested by old shareholders Yunqi Capital, Lightspeed China, and QF Capital. This round of financing will further help PrecisioNext to promote the research and development and mass production of advanced packaging equipment and Mini LED mass transfer equipment, help the company fully master advanced technologies, and accelerate the localization of semiconductor equipment. At the same time, it helps the company to expand production capacity to meet the growing market demand, establish an East China branch and global market promotion.


PrecisioNext is a high-end equipment enterprise with self-developed motion controllers, servo drives, linear motors, machine vision, and other underlying core technology platforms. Relying on its own underlying core technology platforms, PrecisioNext has developed semiconductor packaging equipment solutions for IC packaging, optical communication packaging, Mini LED packaging, power semiconductor packaging, and others.

Among them, the 8-inch/12-inch high-end IC die bonder has reached the international advanced level and is used for advanced packaging. The high-precision die-bonder, with a placement accuracy of±3μm, is specially designed for high-end optical modules, silicon photonics, and other high-precision packaging products, breaking the monopoly of international manufacturers. The MiniLED mass transfer solution of XBonder, the just-released MiniLED flip-chip COB thorn die process, breaks the technical bottleneck of mass production in the MiniLED industry.

PrecisioNext's semiconductor equipment has reached the international advanced level, providing customers with solutions of domestic substitution of imports, changing the status quo that the localization rate of semiconductor back-end equipment is extremely low. In 2020, PrecisioNext won honors such as Zero2IPO’s V50, Top 10 Hard Tech in China, Top 50 Potential to Land on the SSE STAR MARKET, and others. This investment is recognition of PrecisioNext from the capital market.

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