Looking for Makers PrecisioNext is on the list of Top 10 Chinese Makers in 2020

Release date:2022-06-24

From January 13th to 15th, the Final Cloud Summit of Looking for Makers 2020 Annual Roadshow co-hosted by Yijin Digital, Sina Finance, and Beijing Fund Town ended successfully in Beijing. It lasted 8 months and 14 roadshows, and 160 projects competed fiercely. Semiconductor equipment company PrecisioNext has been listed on the list of "Top 10 Chinese Makers in 2020".

In 2015, look for large-scale public welfare selection activities launched by policymakers.Looking for Maker has attracted over 9,000 projects to sign up or have been recommended by institutions in the last five years, and has selected over 800 projects to participate in 51 annual roadshows.Partners from nearly 100 investment institutions, from universities, research institutes, and 278 judges composed of industry experts and scholars scored on the spot. 147 entrepreneurial projects were shortlisted for the finals, and 30 projects were finally selected to be awarded the title of "Maker of the Year".


Meng Jinhui, general manager of PrecisioNext, said in an interview: "2020 is an extraordinary year. The epidemic broke out at the beginning of the year. With the strong leadership of the government and the joint efforts of medical staff and the people, the epidemic was quickly and effectively controlled. Smart has also resumed work and production smoothly. Mass shipments began in the second half of the year. In the fourth quarter of 2020, 64 million new orders were delivered. Since the beginning of 2020, the production capacity of the Dongguan factory has more than tripled to meet the growing market demand. Expected 2021 Orders increased by 150 million in the first half of the year, and total orders could reach 320 million by the end of 2021."

Regarding the company's achievements in recent years, Meng Jinhui added: "After three years of hard research and development, PrecisioNext has built an underlying core technology platform, deeply ploughed into the field of advanced manufacturing technology, and is determined to use world-class advanced technology to assist Chinese manufacturing. At the end of 2020, PrecisioNext has been listed on the important list of the "Top 10 Makers in China in 2020", and will not forget the original intention and forge ahead."

Established in 2017, PrecisioNext is a high-end equipment platform enterprise with underlying core technologies such as motion control, algorithms, linear motors, machine vision, etc. Its main businesses include semiconductor equipment (8-inch/12-inch high-end IC die bonder, 3μm high-precision die bonder, MiniLED mass transfer equipment) that has reached the international advanced level. Among them, semiconductor equipment provides domestic and imported solutions for IC packaging, optical communication packaging, Mini LED packaging, and other industries, and has been recognized by large domestic and foreign companies such as HT-tech, UTAC, Luxshare, Foxconn, and others.

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