PrecisioNext was elected as the vice president unit of Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association

Release date:2022-06-24

On January 6, 2022, the Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Industry Summary Conference, the 7th Second Member Conference of the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, and the 20th anniversary celebration were successfully held at the Sheraton Shenzhen Nanshan Hotel. At this conference, as a leader in semiconductor packaging equipment, PrecisioNext was elected as the vice president unit of the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association.

Regarding the elected vice-chairman unit, Meng Jinhui, general manager of PrecisioNext, said: I am very happy to join the vice-chairman unit of the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association. We can use the platform to obtain industry trends, contact high-quality resources, and help with the integration of industry and education. At the same time, we are also fully prepared and will fully support the work of the association to help the members grow and progress together.


It is reported that representatives of 220 member companies of the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association attended the conference, with a total of more than 500 participants, including the senior executives from companies such as TSMC, Leaguer, CHIPSEA, Huaqiang Electronic Network, ICube, and chippacking, attended the conference, jointly discussed the situation of the domestic semiconductor industry and the opportunities for innovation and development.

In the future, PrecisioNext will be based on technology research and development to provide semiconductor packaging equipment products with leading technology, stable reliability, and high cost-effectiveness for customers, such as semiconductor packaging, optical communication packaging, Mini LED mass transfer, power semiconductor packaging, and advanced packaging. And cooperate with the association to promote the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, accelerate the domestic substitution of semiconductor packaging equipment, and contribute to the development of packaging technology in the post-Moore era.

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