Good news! PrecisioNext was awarded the title of "SMEs" in Guangdong Province

Release date:2024-03-26

Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province released the Announcement on the List of Specialized, Special and New SMEs in 2022. Through the procedures of independent application, preliminary review by prefecture and city, expert review, and opinion collection, Dongguan Praxion Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Praxion Intelligent"), with its advantages in the field of high-end semiconductor equipment, such as technological progressiveness, process stability, and innovation of results, stood out from 15737 innovative SMEs in Guangdong Province and successfully passed the recognition of specialized, special and new SMEs in 2022 in Guangdong Province.专精特新.jpg

"Specialized, refined, and innovative" enterprises refer to high-quality enterprises whose main business and development focus comply with national industrial policies and relevant requirements, achieve specialization, refinement, specialization, strong innovation ability, and good quality and efficiency. They are selected by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology according to strict standards and procedures throughout the province as leading enterprises focused on segmented markets, with high market share and good growth potential.

The selection of specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises this time is another honor for Plexin Intelligence, following its achievements in becoming a gazelle enterprise and an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise. It is also a full recognition and high affirmation by the provincial government of Plexin Intelligence's professional technical capabilities and sustainable innovation and development.

Plexion Intelligence focuses on high-end semiconductor packaging equipment such as solid crystal machines, and its core team members are all senior professionals in the field with over 20 years of experience. It has independently developed underlying technology platforms such as motion control, servo drive, linear motor, and machine vision, providing solid crystal and other high-end equipment solutions for traditional/advanced IC packaging, optical communication packaging, Mini LED/Micro LED massive transfer equipment, and other fields.

Founded more than 5 years ago, Plexin Intelligence has broken international technological monopolies in multiple fields and is committed to becoming a global leader in semiconductor packaging equipment, promoting the localization of high-end semiconductor packaging equipment.

In the traditional/advanced packaging field of ICs, Plexion Intelligent's high-precision IC solidification machines DA801 (8 inches) and DA1201 (12 inches), flip cladding and solidification machine DA1201FC, have a mounting accuracy of ± 10-25 microns, and their speed, accuracy, and stability are fully comparable to international brands. They are widely used in packaging such as DFN, QFN, BGA, LGA, SiP, etc. Plexion Intelligent's high-speed clamp bonding system Clip Bond provides a one-stop solution for power device Clip Bond packaging from solidification, clamp soldering to reflow soldering, and have been recognized by packaging and testing giants such as Huatian, CR Micro, and UTAC.

In the field of optical communication packaging, Plexion Intelligent's ultra-high precision solid-state crystal machine DA402 and high-precision passive coupling machine Lens Bonder have a mounting accuracy of ± 3 microns and are widely used in high-end optical modules, LiDAR, HDMI/USB, silicon optics and other sub micron level packaging. We have gained recognition from clients in the optical communication industry such as Ona, Huatuo, and Elfa.

In the new display industry, Micro LED display technology is hailed as the "ultimate display technology". In the field of Mini LED/Micro LED massive transfer equipment, Plexion Intelligent's ultra high speed inverted crystal piercing machine XBond adopts the world's leading inverted crystal piercing process, with an hourly production capacity of 180K and a mounting accuracy of ± 15% μ m. Minimum support of 50 μ The chip size of m has achieved mass production and delivery, and it is completely the most advanced similar equipment of Ping Mei International, which will help the Mini LED industry break through the bottleneck of mass production and greatly reduce the production cost of Mini LED.

As of now, Plexin Intelligence has been awarded qualifications and honors such as National High tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province Specialized, Refined, Special and New Center Enterprise, Guangdong Province Innovative Small and Medium sized Enterprise, Dongguan Gazelle Enterprise, Science and Technology Innovation Growth Enterprise, China's Top 50 Enterprises with the Most Potential to Land on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, Venture50 Investment Hard Technology, and Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association.

At the beginning of the new year, everything is updated, and Plexin Intelligence will not forget its original intention, continue to promote innovation in semiconductor packaging technology, and provide domestic alternative solutions for high-end semiconductor packaging equipment for partners.

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