Big release! PrecisioNext CEO Tian Xingyin was selected as the DARHORSE of “Industrial Innovation 100 Talents List 2021”

Release date:2022-06-24

On May 14, the "Industrial Innovation 100 Talents List 2021" was officially released at the "Guiyang Digital Economy Industry Unicorn Summit 2021". The list was jointly organized by Entrepreneur & i Dark Horse and Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone, together with "Securities Daily," "Sina Finance and Economics," and more than 50 investment institutions. Through the online review meeting, a jury composed of investors, industry experts, media third parties, etc., will score the participating companies and screen them at various levels. Finally, 100 company founders were listed. Among them, Tian Xingyin, CEO of the high-end semiconductor equipment company PrecisioNext, was also listed.


Established in 2017, PrecisioNext's headquarters and production center are located in Dongguan, with subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Suzhou, and Hong Kong. It is a high-end equipment platform enterprise in China, with completely self-developed motion controllers, servo drives, linear motors, machine vision and other underlying core technology platforms. Relying on its own underlying core technology platform, combined with specific processes, it has developed high-end semiconductor packaging equipment, including IC packaging, advanced packaging, optical communication packaging, MiniLED packaging, power semiconductor and other industries, providing high-end equipment and intelligent solutions.

In the field of IC packaging, PrecisioNext's 8-inch/12-inch IC die bonder is suitable for a variety of packaging such as QFN, DFN, SIP, and other advanced packaging. It has been recognized by domestic and foreign mainstream packaging and testing companies, such as Foxconn, FM, WXHG, GTBF, and RMT.

In the field of optical communication, PrecisioNext's high-precision die bonder has a placement accuracy of ±3μm and an angle accuracy of ±0.3°, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and completely comparable to international leading equipment. It is specially designed for high-precision optical modules, silicon optics, and other high-precision packaging products. It has been recognized by customers in the optical communication industry, such as Luxshare, O-Net, and AFA.

In the field of MiniLED packaging, PrecisioNext's MiniLED flip-chip COB mass transfer device XBonder has a placement accuracy of ±15μm and a UPH of 180K. This device and Apple's backlight products use a similar flip-chip COB thorn die process and have independent intellectual property rights. It is expected to be officially commercialized this year.

Since its establishment, PrecisioNext has attracted the attention of investment institutions in the industry and has completed three rounds of financing, with a cumulative financing amount of more than 250 million. PrecisioNext has successively won the "2019 Winning in Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Special Award", "2020 China's Top 50 Most Valuable Investment Enterprises", "2020 China's Most Potential Enterprises on the Science and Technology Innovation Board TOP50", "2020 Fast Growth Enterprise-High-tech Golden Globe Award" and many other honors. As a representative enterprise of high-end semiconductor equipment in China, PrecisioNext has been selected as a dark horse in the "2021 Industrial Innovation 100 Talent List" this time. domestic substitution, determined to build a leading domestic semiconductor packaging equipment enterprise.

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