PrecisioNext was selected as 36Kr WISE 2021 annual hardcore enterprise

Release date:2022-06-24

On December 13, 36Kr officially released the "WISE 2021" of "Annual Hardcore Enterprises" and "New Star Enterprises" lists. As a representative enterprise of domestic semiconductor packaging equipment, PrecisioNext was successfully selected as the "Annual Hardcore Enterprise" by virtue of its outstanding performance in comprehensive dimensions such as product innovation, business health, supply chain & industry status, growth potential, and capital performance.




In October 2021, 36Kr launched the "WISE 2021" of "Annual Hardcore Enterprises" and "New Star Enterprises" research. Combined with the opinions of professional investment institutions, 36Kr senior industry analysts, and other comprehensive recommendations and feedback, after multiple rounds of selection, the "WISE 2021" annual hardcore enterprise and new star enterprise, including 365 new economy enterprises, was officially launched.

In 2021, topics such as global chip shortages, domestic replacement, metaverse, and carbon neutrality will attract much attention, and cutting-edge science and technology fields represented by artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, optoelectronic chips, and new materials will attract more attention. Although China is already the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer and consumer, it is big but not strong. Semiconductor chips face many "stuck neck" technologies in the fields of equipment and materials. In the field of semiconductor equipment, since its establishment four years ago, PrecisioNext has broken the monopoly of foreign technology in many fields. PrecisioNext's sub-micron die bonder, MiniLED mass transfer, and other cutting-edge technology fields have achieved international synchronization and domestic, the only one that contributes to the domestic substitution of semiconductor packaging equipment.

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