PrecisioNext was selected as 2020 China's TOP50 Most Potential Enterprises on the SEE STAR MARKET by 36Kr

Release date:2022-06-24

In December, 36Kr released "2020 China's TOP50 Most Potential Enterprises on the SEE STAR MARKET". It has been paying attention to the development of technology companies for ten years. From thousands of participants, it has reviewed and praised outstanding talents with great potential in the field of science and technology innovation. As a leader in the semiconductor equipment industry, PrecisioNext was selected as an enterprise. This selection represents the recognition of PrecisioNext’s intelligent technology R & D strength and industry influence, and its growth potential is highly concerned by the capital market.


36Kr "2020 China's TOP50 Most Potential Enterprises on the SEE STAR MARKET" list, in-depth exploration of the new generation of information technology, integrated circuits, biomedicine, new materials, and other fields of high-quality high-tech enterprises with industry-vane significance, PrecisioNext As a high-end equipment platform-based enterprise with underlying core technology, PrecisioNext’s semiconductor equipment provides advanced packaging solutions for optical communication, semiconductors, MiniLED, power semiconductors, and other industries. In the current complex and changeable international economic situation, we will break through the core technology that is stuck and strive for the initiative to develop.


In June 2019, the SEE STAR MARKET was officially launched on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Driven by the SEE STAR MARKET, more high-quality high-tech enterprises in the fields of new generation information technology, integrated circuits, biomedicine, and new materials have been seen by the public, and they have been tested in the capital market to obtain ammunition for further advancement. According to statistics, in the past year and a half, a total of 199 companies have landed on the SEE STAR MARK, with an average market value of 18.45 billion yuan and an average initial fundraising amount of 1.461 billion yuan.

Technology is the primary productive force. With the full implementation of new infrastructure and the development of a digital economy, the world will become more and more intelligent in the future. PrecisioNext will adhere to the path of independent research and development and innovation, and serve the world with excellent product technology, lead the development of the industry, and contribute to the development of the country and society!

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