Recruiting to set up a new factory! Comprehensive efforts to domestic substitution of semiconductor packaging equipment

Release date:2022-06-24

PrecisioNext's Dongguan branch has officially started construction, covering an area of about 3,000 square meters, and has established an East China branch to recruit troops and make full efforts to replace domestic semiconductor packaging equipment. It is expected that the production capacity will more than double in 2021 to meet the continuous growth in market demand. At the beginning of February this year, PrecisioNext received 100 million yuan of Series B financing led by Yuanhe Hope and the old shareholders Yunqi Capital, Lightspeed China, Fupu Capital, etc., which helped Pleasant to further expand production capacity and accelerate semiconductor packaging equipment. localization.



At present, PrecisioNext's semiconductor equipment has been recognized by Foxconn, FM, WXHG, GTBF, Luxshare, O-Net, AFA, and other listed companies at home and abroad and has reached strategic cooperation. The Dongguan branch will greatly improve our production capacity and delivery capacity. The equipment delivery time of foreign suppliers has been more than 60 days, and some equipment is even arranged after 120 days, while the delivery time of Pleasant is only half that, 3045 days. The monthly production capacity of the semiconductor packaging production line is more than 20 units. It is planned to more than double the production capacity this year, but it is still far from meeting the surge in packaging market demand. This year's revenue is expected to exceed 200 million yuan, and we will strive to reach 300 million yuan. Yuan, fully exerting domestic substitution of semiconductor packaging equipment, is determined to be "the first in China".

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