Senior Project Declaration Specialist
8000-12000 yuan/month
Work Location: Dongguan
Work experience: 3-5 years
Minimum Education: Undergraduate
Number of recruits: 1
Skills Required: Project Management
Job Responsibilities:
1. Find and collect project declaration information of various products of the company and communicate and coordinate with relevant departments in a timely manner;
2. Collect relevant data such as project declarations, approval documents, etc., and summarize texts and write application materials;
3. Participate in the project establishment, application, approval, acceptance and other aspects of the project, and be responsible for the submission and tracking of the application project to ensure the successful application of the project;
4. Fill in the data statistics (Science and Technology Bureau, Software Association, High-tech Website, Small and Medium Enterprise Platform), responsible for docking and liaison with government departments;
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, with more than 3 years of work experience in government project application is preferred;
2. Strong organizational, coordination and communication skills;
3. Familiar with the government project application process, have certain experience in project application and technical material organization;
4. Complete various temporary work arranged by the superior leadership.
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