Breaking through the mass transfer technology of MiniLED, PrecisioNext won the Golden Globe Award of 2020 Fast-Growing Enterprise

Release date:2022-06-24

From December 14th to 15th, the 2020 High-tech LED Annual Conference and High-tech Golden Globe Award Ceremony were held in Shenzhen. Well-known enterprises and industry experts from home and abroad jointly discussed the development status and future trends of the display industry. At the same time, the High-tech LED Research Institute also commended innovative display technology products and enterprises. After a comprehensive evaluation by the High-tech LED Research Institute, PrecisioNext won the "2020 Fast-Growing Enterprise" award.

2020 is the first year of the Mini LED outbreak. In recent years, the LED market has continued to have excess capacity and low prices. In order to seek new growth points in the market, major manufacturers in the display industry are scrambling to deploy the Mini LED market. The MiniLED/MicroLED display technology is being heralded as a new generation of display technology. Compared with OLED, MiniLED has a more sophisticated dynamic backlight effect, improves screen brightness and contrast, has a wider and thinner screen, and has a longer service life. However, the current price is high, and the industry generally believes that the flip-chip COB mass transfer technology is the decisive technology for Mini LED to move from concept to commercial use.

PrecisioNext started the research on the flip chip COB thorn crystal process and equipment many years ago and applied for related patents. At the same time, it has jointly developed and successfully launched the ultra-high-speed flip chip bonding equipment XBonder with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and LED chip giants, with minimum support. With a chip size of 50μm, the fastest production capacity per hour can reach 180K, and the placement accuracy can reach ±15μm. ", I believe that with the maturity of equipment and technology, Mini LED will usher in a real mass production and industrial explosion in 2021.

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