C++ software trainee (targeted training post) 8000-14000 yuan/month
Work Location: Dongguan
Work experience: 1-3 years
Minimum Education: Undergraduate
Number of recruits: 8
Skill Requirements:
C/C++ This position is a key training position for Pleasant, and the main learning and work content: 1. Learn and master C and C++ development languages, and independently apply and write programs;
2. Familiar with IAR, CCS, VisualStudio and other development tools, familiar with MFC, familiar with multi-threading technology;
3. Understand ARM, DSP, FPGA, CPLD and other hardware development platforms;
4. Under the guidance of the instructor, assist in the design, implementation and testing of software modules, and write relevant design documents;
5. Under the guidance of the instructor, carry out the overall debugging of the software and hardware of industrial control products, and realize specific functions.
At Pleasant, we hope you have: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, automation, software engineering, communication engineering, mechatronics, etc.;
2. Familiar with C language/C++, Linux, control development experience is preferred;
3. Good academic performance in school, outstanding fresh students or previous students with less than 2 years of work experience;
4.4. Proficiency in English, English level 4 and above are preferred, and those with computer grading certificate (programming) are preferred.
Cultivation mechanism: Cultivation method: internal and external professional training, one-to-one tutoring system. The instructors are all seniors in the field of industrial control.
Training direction: motion control software engineer, servo drive software engineer, image vision software engineer, algorithm engineer.
Selection assessment: Professional written test + tutor interview
Coordinates (working location): Dongguan Dongkeng (junction of Songshan Lake and Dongkeng) or Shenzhen Longhua (500 meters from the exit of Shangtang subway station)
Salary: 1. Undergraduate study period 3-6 months: fixed monthly salary of 8K yuan/month + generous bonus package; qualified monthly salary of 10K-12K.
2. Master's study period 3-6 months: fixed monthly salary of 10K/month + generous bonus package; qualified monthly salary of 12K-14K.
3. Other companies have the benefits of Pleasant: providing room and board, five insurances and one housing fund, outdoor travel, holiday benefits, birthday benefits, employee physical examinations, overtime and supper, etc.
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